Quality, experience and collaboration

As a client of Fjordblink Plastic, you will always receive professional sparring when it comes to developing your product ideas and creative thoughts. We have many years of experience with plastic foil and the many applications for products made of plastic foil.

In us you will also have a working partner which has as its disposal a flexible production facility which makes it possible to offer short production runs.

Danish quality for the whole world

As a client of Fjordblink Plastic you will be part of a community of large and small businesses in Denmark and abroad, including:

  • Danmark
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Brazil
  • India
  • China
  • USA

A company made of plastic

Fjordblink Plastic was founded in 1969 by Anders Tvedegaard as part of a larger group. Several of the companies in the group have since been sold off, and since the passing down of the business to the next generation in 2015, Torsten Tvedegaard has, together with his wife Bitten, continued Fjordblink’s adventures in the world of plastic.

Over the years, the company’s focus has always been on meeting the customer’s specific requirements for a solution which is tailored to the product’s purpose, to its surroundings and to our customer’s needs.

Tell us about your ideas so that we can help make them a reality.